The first complete solo album for Jon Hopkins is called “IMMUNITY” and the result is more than great.

Techno and ambient are well combined and mixed with a touch of piano, his first instrument ever played when he was a kid.

Recommended tracks? Basically the entire album.


1. We Disappear

2. Open Eye Signal

3. Breathe This Air

4. Collider

5. Abandon Window

6. From By Firelight

7. Sun Harmonics

8. Immunity

If you need to listen to more, check also Jon’s Soundcloud.


Jon Hopkins did it again! November 10th 2014 he will release a new 4 track EP, entitled “Asleep Versions” and we can’t wait for it!

This work, recorded in Reykavik, Iceland in February 2014, features unbelievable decelerated, dreamlike re-interpretations of tracks from “Immunity”.

You can now enjoy this EP trailer and find out how a dream would taste:

By: Elena Indiano