Reykjavik Boulevard is inspired by travelers and artists. Jimi Casaccia & Jacques Maudy are two of them.

They recently published a book called “Yangon, A City to Rescue”, with a successful reportage documenting the buildings in Myanmar.

We spoke with them, we had the chance to collaborate with Jimi Casaccia featuring some of his stunning pictures of Rome. Now we want to introduce them, and their project, through the words of their assistant, Christine Schindler:


Jimi Casacccia and Jacques Maudy: Two exceptional photographers. I first met Jimi in Australia in March 2012 and when he took me on as an apprentice photographer. Here I helped both Jimi and Jacques cover a story on Australian Aborigines and I realized the tenacity and audaciousness of these gentlemen.

That same year, Jacques and Jimi flew to Yangon, Myanmar, and since then I watched their journey of documenting the heritage buildings in Yangon unfold. I remember first seeing the photos of the buildings in late 2012 and thinking, ‘Wow! The cut-throat drama of the pariah state years displayed yet the majesty of the buildings and elegance of Burma remain.’  Since then I watched as the project built up publicity. In March 2013, the opportunity to work with Jacques in Myanmar for the book launch came. I jumped! A day in Yangon is all you need to see their images from the book scream at you from every corner. You’re caught up in the drama of the buildings and you’ve fallen in love with the elegance of Burmese culture.

In my time working under these two men I’ve learned much more than photography. I’ve learned courage and confidence. Through courage and confidence they published – Yangon, A City to Rescue.  They’ve captured images of Yangon- of what it was, of what it is, and of what it could be. It’s not a snapshot, it’s more than a photo, it’s an image that captures time, history and culture. Jimi Casaccia and Jacques Maudy are much more than photographers – they are image catchers.


Here you can find some of the pics for their project that you can order on Jacques and Jimi OFFICIAL SITE.

the bank

Pegu Club 20120610__003946

General Hospital20120610__003995_HDR