ISABELLE WENZEL was born in Wuppertal (Germany) in 1982 and she is now living and working in Amsterdam.

Her pictures look like hyperrealistic works, fake and artificially built, but they are real photography performances.

Using her camera’s automatic shutter release mode, she has just ten seconds to take an inhuman position (thanks to her acrobatic experience). In this way Isabelle captures not the perfect pose, but a casual one that is not following any rules, only the coincidence. The background of pictures, looking chaotic at the beginning, is so well studied and composed in detail.


She is usually covering or concealing her face, omitting the most expressive part of us, as she wants the human being to become an object, giving to her works a gloomy and sinister atmosphere. There are a lot of artists working with photography, sculpture and performance. The original part of her pieces is that she combines all this tools in one with an incredible spontaneity.

wenzel04 upon-paper-isabelle-wenzel-color-cocktail-number2 IsabelleWenzel_Table IsabelleWenzel_Folder Isabelle-Wenzel-Objectification-With-Céline-Shoes-And-Vase-2013- Isabelle_Wenzel_bum3 Arcademi_Isabelle_Wenzel_figure6

Text by: Carolina Gestri

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