IRIS BJÖRK: an icelandic photographer in London

IRIS BJÖRK is an icelandic portrait and fashion photographer based in London, UK.

Her work was recently featured in international magazine such as NUDE, Bast, Sýn and Kaltblut. She also worked with icelandic brands, rising stars in the international designer’s market, like Jör by Guðmundur Jörundsson. So keep an eye on her!

She’ll be featured in the first issue of Reykjavik Boulevard magazine, coming up online, with her slightly out of focus pictures, dreamlike shoots. Her models are always accurately selected and their eyes and poses suddenly hit your heart, somewhere between the lines and curves it has. Check her portrait series to find out more:

Dasha @Profile by Iris Bjork

The Grayness of being by Iris Bjork

Lauren by Iris Bjork

The Rite by Iris Bjork

Zarina @Premier by Iris Bjork

Svala by Iris Bjork

Svala by Iris Bjork

Siobhan @Premier by Iris Bjork

Jor by Iris Bjork

Dasha @Profile by Iris Bjork