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ILARIA POZZI is one of the most talented italian models, playing with her body and tattoos in a visual work impossible to ignore.

Johnny Depp once said: “My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story.”


We decided to find out more about Ilaria because usually you only get to see the final result of a work, a project, an idea.


Now, it’s time to know the person, what’s inside the artist’s mind and heart.


She’s from Italy, a beautiful country; she’s got her body covered in tattoos, a beautiful work of art; she’s got good taste in music, a beautiful way to spend a life. What else?

Find it in our interview, a chat with the mysterious model from Liguria, a colored region on the italian coastline, often exposed to strong winds and waves: a place willing to accept pain, endure it and actively embrace it, like a tattooed girl. Painful beautiful.

2013 and still not everyone is “ready” to accept a human’s body. What is the difference between a naked body and an artistic nude? What can a tattoo add to it? How do you feel when you are in front of a photographer’s lens?

For me the difference is made by the photographers: they take their vision of my body, tattoos are just part of me. Generally I feel good and quiet in front at the lens, also naked, but depends who’s behind. 


You could be defined an “alternative model” but we think you are more. It seems like you like to use your body as an artistic mean to communicate something through pictures (and sometimes videos). How important is visual art in your life?

Visual art is essential for my life, it is the way I prefer to communicate and to receive inputs from the world around me.

If you could take only one picture of yourself, how would that be? What’s the most meaningful that you have so far? What is the history behind your tattoos always so predominant in your pictures?

For sure outdoor: sea or lake or river… Somewhere with water, in a sunny day.
I would say one of the most meaningful could be this one:


There are many different stories, people I knew and places where I’ve been: good memories mostly.

Digital photography gave the chance to an increasing number of people to work with this mean. What do you think about that? Is photography going in the wrong direction nowadays?

I’m very sad about this, many people only want share photos on the web, for some this is more important than a good photo, I have to be very selective to protect my image. I don’t know where photography’s going, the digital opened new ways to take pictures and to work with photography… I think the wrong direction is on social networks.

Your address says “do not tell me to smile”, in your pictures you never smile. Why this “trend”? Is that to have a stronger attitude? What’s the real Ilaria Pozzi?

Actually the address says: “do not tell me to” …  I prefer if someone makes me smile and there’re few pics where I smile, like this one here:


In some pics I must have a strong attitude, sometimes I must be sweet and sometimes just be myself. I try to be positive and to spend time on funny things. I think that laugh is healthy and I try to have fun also when I work, but everyday is different… When I have a bad day I try to take it easy waiting for a better tomorrow.

The aim of Reykjavik Boulevard is to discover cities and places through the eyes of the artists we meet: what can you tell us about your country? What are the best memories linked to your city and what is your dream land?

Italy is a country of contradictions, I love and hate it at the same time, it has really beautiful places, with a lot of history and art where, unfortunately, corruption is a big problem. I’m from a little town on the coast, my house is really close at the sea, the best memories are with my friends at the beach day-to-night. My dreamland is where I can do what I like, but I can’t stay too long in the same place, sometimes I feel it’s time to change.

What is your idea about your past, present and future? Have you ever “lost your path”?

Past is a part of what I’m now, present is where I prefer to live and future is coming. I think it’s wrong to think too much about what will happen most of the time…

ilariapozzi8Music: how important is that for you? Your favorite bands? Any specific memory related to a particular song that you would like to share with us?

Indispensable for me, I listen a lot of music of many different kinds: I don’t have a favorite band, I have a favorite moment to listen to many different bands. Recently I’m listening a lot to The XX, many of their songs remind me nice moments with my man in his studio where he paints and where we stay in Milan. 

Can you tell us in one word what do you think about the following things: body, travel, sex, dream, men, sadness, tattoo, selfishness.

Body: basic
Travel: necessity
Sex: physiologic
Dream: drug,
Men: instinct,
Sadness: unavoidable,
Tattoo: choice,
Selfishness: weapon.

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