Hypnotized by IRIS BJORK

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We spoke a bit with Iris about her video experience, here’s what she told us straight from London after her Iceland homecoming:

This is my first ever video created, directed, shoot and edited, so it was very challenging for me and I really wanted to put a piece of myself in it. The video is inspired by an Icelandic myth about the queen of the hidden people. The Hidden People “Huldufólk” are said to be living in the stones and are said to be human looking and very beautiful. They are mostly harmless unless you corrupt their peace. There are also many stories about humans falling in love with The Hidden People, and if that happens there is no going back. My video is about their queen and how she seduces a man with dance into her stone where he is trapped for ever. The flowers are supposed to signify his life and as they turn darker his life is fading away.

The first thing I did was to find the music with the video and I was very lucky to be introduced to Rewpart, a 18 year old singer/songwriter at the time, and I got to use his song Vivid for my video. For me it doesn’t make sense to create a video with music and not use the rhythm, I myself catch myself walking in tune with music all the time. Dance is very important to me and something I knew instantly that I wanted to bring it into this video and that is why I asked my very good friend Rósa Rún Aðalsteinsdóttir choreograph the video for me.  She is a very talented, young choreographer and I think her style is very feminine, edgy, new and interesting. Then I contacted Hanna Soffía Þormar to style the video for me. She is a stylist and a manager in Spuutnik, my favourite vintage store in Reykjavík, where most of the clothes in the video come from. MAC girl Harpa Finns did the makeup and hair for me, she is a genius with a brush. Casting for the video took some thinking but as soon as Eydis Evensen @Elite came in mind, I thought she was the perfect choice, such a beauty, interesting and very Icelandic looking. Although we didn’t know before Eydis had killer moves and really rocked Rósa’s choreography. And finally Hjalti Friðriksson was very kind to strip of his shirt and allow me to glue flowers all over his face.