A London born and bred producer, Gent Mason is the next artist to release his first EP with Aesop Label called ‘Eden’.


Since one week it’s possible to listen to the A-side single that gave the name to his EP, Eden:

And from today even the B-side single, Head:

This brand new artist has a big air of mystery around, but this is only the beginning and for sure we will know more about him and his music very soon! Beside his style and talent that are his own craftsmanship, the distinctive approach to his sound was in large part due to the wisdom passed on to him by none other than Jimmy Douglass, the man responsible for over a decade of studio collaboration with Timbaland, working on albums for Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake, to mention a few.

The deep dreamy atmosphere he creates is wrapped by his warm voice. That’s why if you are looking for new fresh music to listen to in a late quite night, our advice is to put your headphone on and press PLAY. ‘Eden’ is out October 7th and it’s possible to pre-order the limited edition 12″ vinyl from Aesop or buy the digital version via i-Tunes.


01. Eden

02. Head

03. Couldn’t Last Until Summer

Text by: Elena Indiano