Francesco Frizzera aka FRANCIS FLOWER is an italian artist.

He lives in Rovereto, a city close to Trento up north on the italian mountains where he decided to get lost in the wild, calling himself Francis Flower.

It happens to be the same place where one of our favorite museums in Italy is, the so called MART Museum and its related Fortunato Depero House and museum: check our TRAVEL DIARY here.

Francis Flower

Francis Flower is a 22-years-old guy with a strong disposition to travel and a sort of rebellion towards the isolated little town where he happened to be born and bred:

I live in a place called Rovereto. It’s a city seeming to be lost in the mountains. I have always lived with a sense of rebellion towards the mountains I saw every morning: at 20 I hated the place where I lived.

I would have preferred to live in the nature of Colorado or New Zealand. Every young guy I’ve met always confirmed to me that he would not live there: everyone would depart. And that didn’t help.

Young people usually dream to leave and travel the world, but fear is the main obstacle. We young people are afraid of the future!

For this reason I needed to escape from a world where money means everything and TV shows are all about unemployment. 

So I decided to escape into the mountains: the week was good for me to work and study whilst the weekend was a perfect getaway to leave my town and get lost in the mountains. I parked my car and walked towards a random destination.

On the way I stopped to stare at every single detail of the show that my land offered me. And it was wonderful.

Months after I realized that the place I lived was my America and I was its son: eternal sunsets, wet grass, tall trees, a deer sometimes and a lovely pungent air. I would not change it for any place in the world.

I realized that the serenity of a man is based on “what I are” and “what I am able to do and to be”. What really matters is who you are and how much energy you are willing to use to obtain what you want.

Now: I’m 22, I changed 3 highschools in my life, I do not have money for the university, I fear the future, but I want to grow and learn. I know that I’ll make it, because I am a friend of life.

I created this series for a group of people who wanted to create a community, but this community has never established for various problems. I will use all my energy to realize my dreams, no matter what. No matter how.

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