There’s always a good reason to dream of Hollywood.

This time we fly to Los Angeles with the stunning work of Fashion Grunge team.

Lauren Brown, Editor in Chief + PhotographerCody McCook, Fashion Editor + Stylist and Jacob Valentin, Production + Animation realized this Fashion Editorial in exclusive for Reykjavik Boulevard Creative Guide for Curious People and answered to our questions unveiling their working processes, their dreams, their passion and travel attitude. Moreover, we are now able to feature an awesome backstage video from this shooting called “Secret Vision”!

Read the full interview and find some of the pics that we featured in our limited edition printed book of visual inspiration you can still purchase on our E-Commerce:

Fashion Grunge

 Photo and Video Credits

Videographer: Cody McCook 
Animation: Jacob Valentin
Photography: Lauren Melanie Brown
Model: Andrew Adams

“Alone” by Fashion Grunge for Reykjavik Boulevard


Your first project, last project and future project: how would you describe them?

Lauren: The first project we shot at such a basic lo-fi level just basically running on instinct. The really amazing thing is that not much has really changed. We have added more people to the team but we have grown with so many other people as well.

Cody: Looking back through my work at this point it really excites me.  To see the evolution that not only myself, but the rest of the team has overtook…it really gets me going. I look forward to the future and the extensive plans of career growth, yet some of the best projects I’ve done had no planning.   Live for today I guess…

 Jacob: My projects are always about progression. When stepping into any project I have a goal and that is to communicate a story. Each visual created whether 1 frame or 24 frames per second is valuable in delivering my vision to an audience. My projects should leave the viewer with an experience of entering the world I or my team has created.


What do you find inspiring and how would you describe your lifestyle?

Lauren: My lifestyle is really so broad that I can’t really begin to pinpoint it. I’m inspired by so many things happening around my life. I went to a few art openings in a pretty short amount of time recently. I was completely overwhelmed and inspired with all of these mediums happening right now. There still truly is something to say about human connection. The digital revolution is changing to bring people together in real time.

Cody: It’s hard for me to describe a lifestyle that i sometimes don’t fully understand myself…..  I work everyday…but I work to create..

Jacob: It inspires me to watch people and objects in motion. This applies to the kids at the skatepark,the dancer in a studio, the musicians on stage, cyclist, and even animals. I love when one person, object, or creature breaks away from the calm world around them. 


What would you probably be today if you hadn’t followed your dreams of being a photographer, or what is your actual dream?

Lauren: Well, I can definitely say that if you told me when I was 15 that I was going to be a photographer and start a blog, I would have been completely shocked. This has turned into my dream really over the past 5 years. The next step would ultimately be creating a place where different art is viewed. Ideally a magazine or gallery space.


Artists and events: can you tell us the most interesting that you’ve found in your career until now?

Lauren: I’ve met so many talented artists over the past few years. I think that our friends around us have become artists in their own right. From the models that we use, to our DIY approach to doing everything we do, we have all become artists whether or not we know it.

Cody: I have come across many talented people in the last few years, and In that time it has been more of an inspiration to me to see my fellow team mates achieve their personal goals. As a team we strive on creativity, individuality, and honesty and in practicing this we have been able to branch out and discover our own creative passions and  goals.  

 Jacob: The artist I find most interesting now are ones who found themselves fitting into pop culture. They were the ones who were Do It Yourself. These artist were the street kids, skateboarders, graffiti artist, punks and hip-hop artists.The ones who were outsiders in the world of what was contemporary art. The high art rejected the kitsch only to strive to be them and have them create for them. These artist and events are what i find most interesting in my career. You take those who people reject because they aren’t of the norm and you will find they are the ones with a true passion.


The place where you were born, the place where you live, the best place where you traveled with your work: can you tell us something that only you know to describe them?

Lauren: I’m from Washington, DC originally. Over the years I’ve been so fortunate to do a good amount of traveling. Fashion Grunge went to NYC last summer and that was great for us to expand our talents in a completely new environment. One of my personal favorites it Iceland. I’ve been twice and every time I come back I appreciate nature is this whole new way. It really is one of the most inspiring places in the world. 4 years ago I moved from New York City which changed me a great deal. Now I’m living in Los Angeles and each day I really find another aspect of this city to love. It’s incredible.

Cody: I was born in Roosevelt Utah. I currently live in Los Angeles and New York City.  Even though it wasn’t my favorite at the time, Palm springs for a commercial we shot was my favorite little trip we had to take.  I think that it really showed us what we were capable of and just what possibilities were out there.   It taught us what self worth meant and guided us into seeing how far our brand has grown and the direction we wish to proceed.

Jacob: I was born in Houston Tx where I lived until the age of 18. I live in Los Angeles now. he place that iI have an attachment to in San Francisco this place has always accepted my idea of work and creativity. All of these places hold their own importance in my life. One has gotten me in a lot of trouble the other has taught me how to adjust to new environments. The final has taught me that there is way more opportunity then what we allow ourselves. One thing I know to describe them all is probability.

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