Farewell to FaktorýA final salute from Sin Fang and Pascal Pinon.

Last night marked the beginning of the end for one of Reykjavik’s most vibrant and versatile bars.

Local artists Pascal Pinon and Sin Fang said their farewell to Faktorý the best way they know how; through their music. We were able to be on the scene to experience these two bands’ final performances at what will soon be torn down to make way for a hotel in the heart of Reykjavik.


The doors opened at 9 and gave way to a fusion of tourists, artists and natives both young and old. The atmosphere was one of eager anticipation as this melting pot of people enjoyed a drink or two, whilst waiting for the music to begin. The darkened attic-like room on the upper floor was littered with colorful lights, at the end of which was a stage awaiting the performers. An assortment of languages echoed through the open space when at last Pascal Pinon made their appearance. The band consisted of two sisters who gently started the evening off with their melodic voices and enchanting instrumentals. Though a little reminiscent of other Icelandic female singers, their originality shone through their harmonizing and the dream-like aura emanating from them. The crowd stood in somewhat of a stupor, under the spell of the tender vocals and mixture of sounds. They concluded their set with a surprise duet with Sindri Már Sigfússon of Sin Fang, performing a new song called Babies, which the artists wrote together.


This led to Sin Fang taking to the stage and Pascal Pinon bidding their final farewells and thanks. The energy changed dramatically when the band began performing, as a wave of beats from the drums and the heavy thud of the bass washed over the audience, forcing them to break out of their paralysis and to jiggle their legs. The vocals were ever changing, going back and forth between ethereal and powerful, revealing the flexibility of Sindri’s musical genius. They performed songs both old and new, shifting from their past trancelike sounds to their now more intense music. At the conclusion of every song was a sonorous applause from the crowd begging for more. Sindri provided a little historic detail to the gig, saying how he had first performed there 10 years ago when the venue was called Grand Rokk, which was a great scene for live music. As the concert’s end drew closer and after popular demand from the crowd, Sindri performed a beautiful live rendition of Walk With You and finished with Clangour and Flutes from his first solo album.


On the whole, both performances were a well-deserved and wonderful tribute to this buoyant and lively bar. Faktorý will surely be missed by both locals and visitors alike. One French traveler told us how much of a shame she thought it was closing as it had been a favorite of hers in Iceland. Hopefully, this will just give life to another venue somewhere else which will offer a similar sort of entertainment which Faktorý is proven to have done over the years. In the meantime, this farewell from two of Iceland’s prominent talents serves as a satisfying salute to Faktorý (some other concerts are scheduled in August, so hurry up if you want to give it your farewell too).

Text by: Hekla Egils

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