We are used to appreciate awesome model Ilaria Pozzi shootings in color (like the one we featured in the Creative Guide for Curious People printed edition), but we can never get used to her stunning beauty and talent: even when se emerges from the dark.

In this black and white high contrast series called “Fall 4 Your Type” by Italian photographer Mattia Crepaldi, she’s portrayed with her cute Gilda, a beautiful Dachshund not afraid of the camera.

Sensual poses and tattoos, made dynamic by several exclusive GIFs giving us the chance to appreciate every little move she does falling in love with the light.

ZK_IlariaP1_low Ilaria Pozzi GIF ZK_IlariaP2_low Ilaria Pozzi GIF ZK_IlariaP3_low output_kXrrIl IMG_7850