EURO LAMP ART is a Florence based company born in the heart of Italy and dealing with lighting and wrought iron since 1975.

The creativity and passion of historical founder Mario Scelfo, together with his innate talent, lead him to create lamps, chandeliers, furnishings and other objects in wrought iron since the age of 12 when he began his apprenticeship in the workshops of San Frediano and Santo Spirito, historical areas of Florence that you can find in Vasco Pratolini’s novels.

Years of experience, travels, exports to United States, Japan, Emirates, Russia and all over Europe with the continuous research of something original, something unique, brought the italian artist to experiment something different: creating a series of handcrafted iron battle horses.


There is no substance without magic, no shape without ideas, no tradition without experimentation.

Imagination develops a pliable language which removes the hardness from the material, and by means of other codes it creates exclusive items of wrought iron. The world of Mario Scelfo is enriched with interesting creations realized in collaboration with italian artists.

Horses, which have been forged in twenty exclusive pieces, created from metal tubes normally used to design chandeliers and which are now wrapped around a structure, bringing the best handicraft traditions nearer to the sense of art. Each piece is unique: there’s no pre-defined design and it synthesizes an eclectic personality of the creator in impressing and unmistakeable style, tinged between creative and fine craftsmanship of the wrought iron.

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