We introduced Elsiane and their music in a previous special on Reykjavik Boulevard.

As they are coming back from Canada to Europe soon for some new shows, we wanted to find out more about their projects.

Their latest album is called Mechanics of Emotion. This is the single Underhelped with its black and white music video directed by Melanie Ladouceur:


First of all, how did you decide to dedicate yourself to music and how hard is this art field nowadays?

Since an early age I was always exposed to music since both my parents and grand parents are musicians and I started studying violin with my grand father at the age of 14, I was always singing since the age of 6.

I always did music naturally and never though exactly… I will be a musician.

It’s funny since I was really supposed to become a violinist but then at the age of 16 I started playing guitar and started composing, so then I had to take a decision on what path to take: I enjoyed composing and it’s the best way for me to express myself, I’ve always wanted to be different then the other musicians I was working with, so I guess it was my way to stand out more then just playing violin. I consider myself more of a composer then a singer.

Being an artist has its ups and downs and yes… It’s not easy but I guess the key is to do what you enjoy the most and then things will fall into place. For me the most important thing is to create something that is honest and true, than just want to please a label or strive for money and popularity.

You come from Canada but your roots are in South America: what are the main differences between these two countries and how this mix influenced your music?

Yes, I was born in Canada but raised in Peru since the age of 9 which I’m very grateful for. It has been the real inspiration to my music, these two countries are so different from each other but I consider myself lucky to have been able to travel and experience different cultures which is so important for a musician. Everything I have lived is filtered in the songs and tells a story of my passages.

I just got back from a recent trip to Peru and haven’t been there in 13 years so it was so amazing to go back to my roots and feel again inspired by it!

You live in Montreal now, a city that is growing very fast in the artistic field: what are your favorite places in town, where is the best spot to enjoy this creative vibe? What do you usually do in your spare time?

Montreal is a great city to live for a musician since it has a great vibe, a lot of art going on and it’s not too expensive to live!

It’s funny since it’s always cold and most of the time it’s winter so it’s the perfect place and time to work in the studio and create. I’m a kind of person that rarely goes out unless it’s an occasion but here in Montreal the best time to do that is in the summer and enjoy the great festivals such as the Montreal Jazz Fest, which is always the best place to discover new bands. On my spare time you will find me cooking since I enjoy it a lot and if I wasn’t a musicians I would have been a chef!

I even have a little studio set up in my kitchen where I work with my engineer and we record and eat great meals, it’s the best combination!!!

A question for both: how would you describe yourself and how would you describe eachother? Your strenght is maybe in the strong artistic connection between the two of you, how did you build it? Was it completely natural since the very beginning or you had up and downs especially when recording/producing your albums?

We are pretty different from each other, both having different influences musically and artistically. The artistic connection was always strong from early on and everything was pretty natural, we started exploring ideas and writing songs together right from the beginning, then from there we sort of found our sound. Everyone goes through ups and downs, it’s just the law of nature, for us it was a learning process in every way especially when you are recording and producing albums.

You enjoy artistic collaborations. The remix contests of your songs are very successful on the web, you worked with Cirque du Soleil for a stunning audio-visual experience and collaborated with Delerium, Booka Shade, and many others: what can you tell us about this dimension of your work, having the chance to perform or record with other brilliant artists?

For us it’s important to do collaborations and it always gives us a chance to grow and challenge ourselves, for example Cirque du soleil which was such a unique experience and very enriching. We are lucky to have people that contact us and want us to collaborate since it’s always nice to work outside your own project.

Your live show expression is very important to get all the shades of your particular voice mixed with the beats of your music partner: where can we enjoy your concerts from now on? Any tour planned? What’s the best thing of touring and are there any downside?

In the present moment we are getting ready to go to Eastern Europe and perform in Georgia and Turkey which is very exciting!

We are also planning some shows in South América and then another little tour in Europe this fall. Touring is always fun since it’s the chance to bring our music to new places and get to meet fans from all over the world and share something special with them. I guess the hard part about touring is dealing with the financial support ourselves since we are independent.

You are promoting your new album “Mechanic of Emotions” after the unanimous success of public and critic of your debut album “Hybrid”: how would you describe both your projects to a person that never heard of Elsiane before? What are the differences between the two projects and in which way you feel your sound evolved?

After Hybrid we spent some time on the road and were already exploring some different musical ideas. A lot can happen in five years, I think that an artist should go through some change and explore a different road. The songs were becoming a little more complex and felt the need to explore different instruments and textures which would give a more organic sound. Describing music is always difficult for us but there is a sense that the music is a kind of “modern world” music in some way.

Is there any particular message that you would like to transmit with your art or is it just a vital way to express yourself? How’s the relationship with the fans, do they ever write you how they feel when listening to your music?

Our music has always been open to interpretation and each individual feels a certain way and gets something out of it. For us the goal with our music is to transmit real emotions and make people connect with their human side and let go!  Since these days people are not open to that and are scared to feel or express what they feel. In some way this music is also meant to heal since that’s what it does to us.

For us we have been telling a story of real passages of life and what we have been through and for some reason people connect and respond since they know it’s honest.

We are very grateful to have fans that are very special and are also emotional like we are, they write to us and tell us how they feel and how our music has healed them and helped them which to us is the most gratifying thing.

Discography is crossing a weird crisis nowadays: the record label industry is concerned about the fact that mostly now you can self produce, self promote and self distribute your album digitally, whilst the bands are producing way more thanks to the new technologies and social networks opportunities: how do you find yourself in this world? Are you going to pledge again to realize your future project? Will you consider focusing on vinyls too as they are coming back widely?

Yes, the industry has been going through a lot of changes, it’s an interesting time for bands and artists since it’s almost as if now the power is going back to the artist and not so much to the labels. I guess many bands have been going through this and have realized that you could be independent these days and produce your material yourself. Of course it’s not always easy since you are on your own which sometime makes it hard for bands to stay together, but it’s a questions of loving what you do.

At this moment it’s great for us to be able to release our own material and decide for ourselves what we want to do since labels tried changing us but we went our own way. For sure we would love to release vinyls of our music, it’s always a questions of budget but it will happen eventually!

If you could play one single exclusive concert with people – both from present and past – who would you like to perform to? Just name a few personalities that you would like to entertain with your art!

That’s a funny question! I can’t really think of any specific personality but I would like our favourite artists to find out about us one day and maybe want to come see us live and even collaborate.