10 years under their belt as a band, 300 shows played and a brand new album released under the label ‘And The Sound Records’.

Who are they? EF, five guys from Gothenburg, Sweden, with great sounds. If you don’t know them, you missed Reykjavik Boulevard Magazine ISSUE #01

Tomas, Daniel, Niklas, Emanuel and Erik, during the years went through a wide variety of instruments as well as different approaches with melodies and harmonies. The gained experience made them a great live band which never abandoned its post-rock influence.


There are artists who can sculpture an entire block of marble, doing extraordinary things, and these guys can sculpture with notes, melodies and instruments. Such great and explosive feelings will surround you. There’s harmony, there’s rhythm and orchestral arrangements. Heavy sounds and soft and clean melodies are so good melted. It feels like getting carried away to an indie-Nordic atmosphere so just let you get into these amazing sounds.

They planned a new tour to promote their last work “Ceremonies“, starting from China and crossing Europe. More about them here!

Text by: Andra Munteanu