Every band has got something that characterizes them so you can easily to recognize their sound, their songs, something that captures you, even the strangest thing.

What actually captures me about Drowners, a brand new band from New York City, is their genuineness, in their videos, in their lyrics, in what they do.

They’re just four guys living in the City that started playing together after meeting in some bar and realize what they wanted to do the most: playing playing playing and having fun doing it. Between us girls came out few months later and now they’re going to be on tour all over United States with Foals, Skaters and Tweens.


You can see in their Long Hair video what the Drowners are: their friends, their New York City, their places, their Alexa Chung… Four guys you can talk about Morrissey and have a beer with.

Curiosity: If you’re into fashion, you should have recognized Drowners’ singer, Matthew Hitt, male model from Wales, The Smiths and brit pop in his veins in place of blood, spontaneous, polite and friendly. So, European blood, American indie music, lots of New York City, genuineness and a bit of fashion are all pieces that are slowly giving a real shape, a real identity to this brand new band.

Reykjavik Boulevard had the privilege to meet Matthew after Drowners’ gigs in Brazil.

Hello Drowners, It’s a pleasure for us to have a little chat with you. We’ve been following you for a while, since you’re actually new to the indie scene. Could you please do a little presentation of the band?

Oh hello! Drowners is Matthew Hitt (vocals and guitar), Jack Ridley III (vocals and guitar), Erik Lee Snyder (bass) and Lakis E. Pavlou (drums)

Your first EP, Between us girls, came out last year, now you’re on tour supporting The Vaccines or Foals or Skaters in the US and Brasil. How is everything going? Are you planning to record a new album very soon? How about a European tour?

Yeah we’ll be on tour with Foals after we play Lollapolooza in August which we’re excited about. We finished recording the record a couple of weeks ago and it should be our early next year. We’re hoping to get at least to the UK in the next 6 months…

Living in New York seems to be very fascinating. There  are lots of movies that make people fall in love with Manhattan or Brooklyn, for example, but what do you actually love about living in NYC? What do you think about NYC music scene and what differs about the English one?

I just enjoy the pace of the city. Whenever I feel like staying home I think “well, I didn’t move 3000 miles to watch youtube videos all day.” The music scene in NY is a little more overwhelming than the UK because there are so many things going on every night. The trick is to be selective.

This question is for Matt: you’ve been modeling since years. You’ve visited lots and lots of fashion and not fashion cities all over the  world, but is there a city that is able to combine perfectly music and fashion together? I’m asking because you’ve just walked for Saint Laurent’s Hedi Slimane as member of Drowners, not just as a simple model, and, as we all know, Hedi is maybe the father of the music influence in the fashion world…

That particular show was probably the only time I’ve felt music and fashion meeting. There were some other guys in bands in the show and it felt quite music orientated…

As you may see, the pure indie scene is slowly changing. Your music is what we can consider pure, old school indie, very linked to The Smiths, or Suede, for example. But now we can find band like Bastille, Of Monsters and Men or Disclosure on the radio or on MTV and their songs are well known by everyone. What I’m trying to say is: Do you think that indie music, for indie I mean Independent, is going to become more mainstream than we could have thought?

I’m also a fan of some Top 40 pop stuff so I don’t really like pigeonholing stuff. I think it’s probably more mainstream in the UK than it is in America. There’s still a healthy underbelly thriving.

If you could ever play a gig in any place of the country, where could it be?

I would’ve said Brazil but we just ticket that off the list so now I’m going to say… Iceland!

Text by: Benedetta Borioni

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