Dorit Chrysler is a true genius. She’s absolutely awesome.

Her music is lovely, original, mysterious, ethereal, sensual, attractive, feminine, fluid, enchanting, out-of-space, dreamy…simply beautiful!

And if you like thereminists and the weird and crazy instrument they usually play, it’s something you can’t miss!


Ok, step back a minute. First of all, we want to introduce you this great artist giving her all the space and attention she deserves. Dorit Chrysler is an Austrian and New York-based composer and musician; best known for her theremin style, she’s literally “The First Lady of the theremin”. Dorit’s music approach is also influenced
by a prolific recording and performing career as a vocalist, keyboardist, guitarist, producer, and engineer. About her, Ann Magnuson of Paper Magazine once said:

A wizard, a true theremin star! Imagine if Marianne Faithfull and Nikola Tesla had a love child, with Jane Birkin as the nanny and Bjork as the wayward Girl Scout leader!


Making her professional vocal debut at Austria‘s Opera House Graz at the age of seven, Dorit went on to form her first rock band at thirteen and began working towards her Master‘s Degree in Music Science at eighteen. Moving to New York, music was still in her mind: she was fronting a number of notable bands (including New York rock quartet Halcion) and has performed with a wide range of artists and bands, such as Alex Hacke, Amon Tobin, Dinosaur Jr., Blonde Redhead, Marilyn Manson, Mercury Rev, Oingo Boingo and Echo and the Bunnymen.

The artist released her first solo record featuring her theremin in 2004: produced, recorded, engineered, and performed by herself, “Best of” sold out quickly. She has also written scores for Jesper Just’s films, to be seen in permanent collections at MOMA & the Guggenheim Museum. Dorit is an endorsed Moog Artist and, in addition to her solo career, she has founded the New York Theremin Society. That’s what she said about her beloved instrument:

For me it’s really about demostrating that the theremin is a cool contemporary instrument that can be use like any other (…) I really want more people to get the hands on it, I really think that’s something that everyone needs to understand. It’s a very expressive instrument that you can use for a lot of cool different stuff.


Trentemøller, who asked Dorit for her theremin play on his album “Into The Great Wide Yonder” and joining him live tour through the USA and at the Roskilde Festival in 2010, supplied the production throughout her latest five-tracks EP “Avalanche”, which also showcases the immense vocal talents of collaborator Marie Fisker.

The whole EP, out on Trentemøller’s label In My Room, combines the bizarre and enchanting electronic instruments Dorit have mastered with a claustrophobic and restless attitude that dives into a sea of dark and rarefied atmospheres. From the first track (that gives the name to the album), the listener is introduced in an obscure and gloomy world with beautiful female ghosts screaming and floating all around him. The deep electronic pulses and Dorit’s exceptional theremin flourish in an immense slow motion explosion that deflagrates in the next two compositions “Forbidden Fruit” and “Winter Glow”. “The swamp behind my house” represents a beautiful and dreamy electronic trip that could suits perfectly with a psychedelic liquid light show from the Sixties, while the last track “Glass Eye” has an haunting, esoteric, hallucinogenic and pastoral echo that offers the listener another level of experience.

Simply amazing, if you ask us!

Presented, featured and invited by the illustrious Gothenburg-based Koloni collective, she’s currently playing a few gigs in Sweden. We hope you had the chance to see her live!

Text by: Lorenzo Bruno