Dmitriy Lvov is a Russian photographer we are very glad to introduce on Reykjavik Boulevard.

We appreciated some of his works on Instagram and finally found out how talented he really is on his official website. Intense black and white, beautiful women and a keen eye for emotional details are the distinguishing features of his photography, something you can never get tired of. There’s something unforgettable in a well shot portrait, and Dmitriy knows a thing or two about that.

In this shooting we feature as an exclusive series, he portrays stunning Lithuanian model Viktorija Pancenko; the photo shoot took place in Milan where she is modeling in the fashion industry and – for this time only – acting inside her wardrobe.

dmitry lvov

As Jack Nicholson once said: “You can let the wardrobe do the acting”, or you can show your very natural poses and outclass the fashion system.

And, this time, the magic happened.

Check the full uncensored gallery featuring beautiful Viktorija:

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