Creative Guide for Curious People

DELIA SIMONETTI is a fashion photographer and a video director based in Milan, Italy.

Paint it Red is an editorial we featured in Reykjavik Boulevard MagazineSpring Issue 2014.

Here’s the full series, featuring our staff member Nina Sever with two handsome guys, Gabriel Sihnel and Tony Dean’o, we love it!

Delia-Simonetti-on-Reykjavik-Boulevard-01 Delia-Simonetti-on-Reykjavik-Boulevard-02 Delia-Simonetti-on-Reykjavik-Boulevard-03 Delia-Simonetti-on-Reykjavik-Boulevard-04 Delia-Simonetti-on-Reykjavik-Boulevard-05 Delia-Simonetti-on-Reykjavik-Boulevard-06 Delia-Simonetti-on-Reykjavik-Boulevard-07 Delia-Simonetti-on-Reykjavik-Boulevard-08 Delia-Simonetti-on-Reykjavik-Boulevard-09 Delia-Simonetti-on-Reykjavik-Boulevard-10


Ph _ Delia Simonetti
Styling _ Anna Neretto
Make-up & hair _ Manuel Gerotti
Models _ Gabriel Sihnel @ Independent Men, Nina Sever, Tony Dean’o
Location _ Torino, Italy

Creative Guide for Curious People