Cristóbal Escanilla Severino – Santiago, Chile // Text and Translation by Nina Sever

We have the pleasure to present you the simple, open and nostalgic photography by Cristóbal, from Chile! [GALLERY]

He doesn’t have that much to say about his country, as it seems there aren’t many exhibition points to show some artistic visual works, but he always finds some inspiration to represent his desire of a pure beauty.


Enjoy our little chat and let yourself go in front of these spontaneous moments captured by a sensitive, sincere eye. He lets the stories flow from his heart right to the lens, through the people he shoots.

All pics by Cristóbal Escanilla Severino 2014 © All rights Reserved

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Do you feel inspired in your country?

The truth is not. I get inspiration from the internet or it comes from my emotions.

What can you say about the progress in photography in Chile?

There are many artists in Chile, but very few spots for the exhibitions.

Do you mainly shoot people from your place?

I so far only photographed women from my city. I do not travel outside my country that often to shoot somebody to be sincere.


And do you take pictures in case you travel? For example, what’s about your on the road pictures?

I like traveling during my holidays. I walk around my country and other places in South America. I travel a lot and have traveled around Chile, to Peru and Ecuador. So I just have made videos and photos of my trips.

Your photos seem to be simple and nostalgic, is that something you look for during the shoot or it comes out spontaneously?

I’m seeking the simplicity, highlight emotions, pure beauty, love. I plan what I want to achieve but I also improvise on set.

Describe how the desire of taking a picture comes into your mind?

There are many photographers around the world I admire the work of, if I’m inspired by a picture I try to bring the ideas to my kind of need for expression.


How do you decide how to represent your models?

I am always in constant research for the best picture to represent me, to represent my emotions, my wants and desires. Trying to get better.

What is your relationship with the Nature? Do you prefer to shoot outdoors or indoors?

I love nature. It is the origin of everything. I like shooting outdoors for the various situations you can find. But I also enjoy making photographs indoors, because they are more intimate.

There isn’t any in the selection you made for us, but you take pictures of men as well. How do you feel about it? What is the biggest difference between shooting men and women?

The normal concept of simple and pure beauty is reflected more in women than in men. I like women, I am passionate about them; I cannot say the same about men.


What is your next aim?

I have a project with a friend, she’s a painter, and she will paint my photographs. I will take a picture of a naked woman and my friend will draw on the body of the model right on the print.


All pics by Cristóbal Escanilla Severino 2014 © All rights Reserved // Find the Portfolio in our GALLERY!