Cristian FasoliZhe Zhi (exclusive editorial) // Text by Nina Sever

Cristian is an italian photographer from Crema, Italy, and he’s trying to bring on his profession through the difficulty that all the artists find, lately, in the one of the most culturally developed countries, at least so far.

He looked to my eyes as a really demure person, he doesn’t consider himself as an artist, even though we all can see his images have an artistic flair. Cristian works in the photographic ambit since two years now and he hopes to show off abroad a little bit more as soon as possible. As we all love traveling, being it for pleasure, being it for work, we wish to this young man all the best around the world and we leave you with his description of this exclusive, charming series of pictures with the beautiful model Chen Chuyi from Shanghai.

Cristian Fasoli

It’s a visual fashion story in the art of Zhe Zhi (Chinese origami). The model, dressed up in total white, reminds me of a clean paper; the geometry of the body and the shapes turn into a chinese crane into my mind. In this project photography and fashion are mixed up with visual arts. Maybe, in the nearest future, the images will evolve in animated pictures mixed with the 3D art.

zhezhi_0002 zhezhi_0003 zhezhi_0004 zhezhi_0005 zhezhi_0006 zhezhi_0007 zhezhi_0008 zhezhi_0009




Photographer: Cristian Fasoli

Model: Chen Chuyi