Reykjavik Boulevard is the story of a journey, not its destination. From 64°08’N and back, we met some of the greatest artists from different countries and cultures, in a creative discovery of the world through their stories and works. We linked them all in this Creative Guide by asking five questions about their first, last and future projects, their lifestyles, their dreams, inspiring artists and events in their careers and the places where they live, work and create.

Here you can find a little preview of selected pages from the Creative Guide for Curious People limited edition issue. You can browse all the cover pages related to the 27 artists featured in this edition, then if you will be inspired, you can get your printed limited edition in our webstoreThe Creative Guide for Curious People fashion, photography, design and art book is a LIMITED EDITION. A printed visual inspiration manual with 162 pages of pure creativity and minimal graphic design.

Creative Guide for Curious People - Reykjavik Boulevard printed edition

In this exclusive issue we are featuring in a unique format, the words and the projects of artists such as:

Ingbjörg Birgisdóttir // Hulda Vigdisar // Sigga Sigurðardóttir // Sasha Moskalets // Rokas Darulis // Olga Matsaeva // Mark Esper // Irene H. Olivieri // Justine Mattera // Anatol Knotek // Rob Mulholland // Wiktor Franko // Claudia Rogge // Sara Fabel // Ilaria Pozzi // Pep Ventosa // Maiko Takeda // Sagaki Keita // Fashion Grunge // Paul Thurlby // Anna Morosini // Elena Mora // Laurent Van Assche // Suntur // Stefan Fürtbauer // Jesse Koska // Janine Mizera

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