City and Colour in Milan, June 9th 2013.

Please, take ten seconds of your time and think about a musician or a band you’ve always wanted to see but you lost the faith in.

Please, thank everyone or everything because you’ve just found on the internet that your favorite band is going to play in your city in less than three months. That is pretty much what happened to us, in Italy, about City and Colour.

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City and Colour is the recording alias for Dallas Green, canadian songwriter, Alexisonfire’s guitarist and vocalist. He’s got four albums released since 2005; his brand new album, The Hurry and the Harm, came out the 4th of June. Mr Green has got this power to capture people from the very first single note of his songs.

That’s what happened at the gig last Sunday. Shivers. Bright eyes. No singing, just full attention to City and Colour and his band. He’s not a great talker during the gig, but there was a moment when he said the right thing:

Everyone who’s filming, using their phones, doing stuff on social networks, please put your phones in your pocket, just for one song.

Can you imagine a gig without a smartphone that covers your view? A moment just to sing “Body in a Box”. You just need eyes and ears. Emotional and intense concert. Dallas Green really has one of the most warm beautiful voice of our days and such a wonderful talent as a songwriter. Sometimes is good to feel great and realize you’ve just seen one of your favorite musician when you had already lost faith.

Twin Forks opened the gig. Great band, guys, great band.

Text by: Benedetta Borioni