CHIARA SCHIARATURA is a talented Fashion Photographer from Italy.

In this series she introduces us to “Hermes” personified by Romina Lepore and describes their work, coming right on time to celebrate the 2014 Winter Olympic Games as:

The beauty, the strength and fascination of Olympian Gods. Hermes, the messenger, the connection between earth and heaven, like a brain sinapsi, like an angel, a pray, a thought or something beautiful. Is Art something like him?

Hermes_8 Hermes_7 Hermes_6 Hermes_5 Hermes_4 Hermes_3 Hermes_2 Hermes_1


Ph: Chiara Schiaratura

Model: Romina Lepore

Make Up: Michela Ricciarini

Stylist: Anna Negusanti

Hair Stylist: Luca Germano