Not all the waves that come are wasted / Your salted skinBrighton, England • by Nina Sever 

In my interview to Christoph Rehage (The longest way) I learned a lot about what really means traveling, but it’s a while I linger on one thing he said: “Being a solo traveler has the advantage of not sharing ones vision with anybody”. His answer didn’t surprise me, because except for the thing you call “vacation”, I always travel on my own, as model and as a human being with certain habits.

I never felt comfortable making journeys with other people, too many different points of views, fights, decisions impossible to figure out together. And, as Christoph said, again, you lose the focus of your trip, being maybe too much concentrated on your companion. But still, deep in my heart, I kept wondering if this is the only way. I love being lonely, I love feeling lonely in front of unknown places, but I never tried to open up, I never shared my on the way experience with somebody that could understand, that could be silent, that could accept my visions and share his perceptions even without finding the meeting point.

Not all the waves that come are wasted / Your salted skin

That’s why I needed to experience something completely new and Jakub Przepiora, my companion in private life as well, appeared like the perfect partner for this experiment. He is a silent person, but he has an eye for interesting details. He’s always been passionate about videos, but since he’s in London and surrounded by all the chaos the city brings into people’s heart he has lost that artistic flair for a while. It was the perfect time to shake it off and to create again. And for me it’s been a while I didn’t do anything with my digital camera and since I did a concrete project (my last serious intentions stopped with the pictures from Almaty a year ago), a new reportage. If you read Reykjavik Boulevard since a while, you should know that my main occupation is modeling, but I really hope to get to the other side of the lens completely someday. Jakub himself is a chef, it’s incredible how this occupation looks different from making videos, but it doesn’t obstruct the imagination.


When you are in London you have to learn how to channel your stress into creativeness and Jakub made it possible. If you put together a Russian and a Polish, you’ll have some disasters, you’ll have some thrill.

We are like water and fire, sometimes it looks impossible, but these personality differences keep us strong and passionate. Sometimes it is impossible to understand each other’s points of view, so we have no choice that to accept them… And perhaps to love them.

So basically these visions, my photos and his video, are the result of two people in the same place at the same time, with two opposite personalities and sensitivities. You can feel my pictures as something dark and dreamlike, between the melancholy and the unreal I deal everyday of my life with; while Jakub’s images appear brighter, closer to what the world really looks like, with a drop of melancholia, but still with some kind of hope. We had no choice but to give to the project different titles, after a little brainstorming we saw it was a waste of time, as we lived the experience in two different ways.


We wanted to imprint our experience in Brighton, without going around too much, just enjoying the seaside wrapped by a cold autumnal wind, with no tourists around, the luna-park closed and concentrated both on the place and on each other. Brighton is the perfect place for anything you can imagine, but I’ve never been there before and I had no idea of what to expect; it was the closest seaside location to London, where we are based right now, so if we were not going to like it that much for our little project we could still turn our backs and go home. But we stood positive and we enjoyed the place both for making pictures and the video and being there without doing anything in particular. We ate waffles on the pier, we got inside the game room, as the rest of the luna-park on the pier was closed, we sneaked onto a small noodles restaurant and enjoyed some hot soup after the whole day feeling cold.

It’s a wonderful place by the way. It’s perfect if you want to stay alone; if you need some time with your lover, far away from the craziness of the city; if you want to show something special to your children and the rest of the family, if you want to shoot or if you just want to enjoy the seaside. Several English brands, like Hype just to nominate one, have chosen Brighton as the perfect location and what’s amazing about the town is that it changes continuously and it never appears the same in pictures, it depends on who is taking the pictures of, on the intentions…

That’s why we would recommend it to everybody, especially the artists, just to see how it looks like, how it feels like.


Photographer: Nina Sever

Videomaker: Jakub Przepiora

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