BRENDA VAIANI is a young instant photographer from Florence, Italy.

We are proud to feature her project “Horizons”, ‘c0s we’re all watching horizons and always want to leave.

The images were taken in Tuscany and the series is still a work in progress: she will soon shoot again “finding new horizons”.


Here’s a bunch of curiosities about this project.

Why do you shoot Polaroids?

Polaroids represent for me what the sunflowers represented for Van Gogh. I remember the first time that pain touched me and I remember that I plunged into it, like it had been the sea. I remember the cold, I remember the fear and I remember seeing myself in those depths. Those are waters that will never release you completely, but from which I’m now re-emerging with head and hands. Head and hands that I use to describe what I saw there, where everybody thinks that only darkness can prevail.


Why did you decide to take pictures and why you focusing on Horizons?

At the bottom of a life can settle endless horizons, streets, lights, shadows… And even yourself. At the bottom of a Polaroid, the same things: In that darkness that slowly becomes an image, I see myself in the depth of that cold sea, I see my fear become form. That’s why I take photographs. I’ve taken photographs since I started to feel the need to give a body to what doesn’t have a body. I take photographs because anything that we recognize doesn’t scare us anymore.

That’s why of my project called Horizons.


What’s the meaning for “Horizons” in your vision?

We spend all our time watching horizons. We want to overcome those we know from too much time, we desire new ones, we fear those are more closer and… We hate those are too hard to reach. There’s a great silence when we sit down to watch them, but not within us. So suddenly I asked myself: why wait to find my horizons, if I can build them?


What’s next with this ongoing series?

Each photograph was taken in Tuscany with my Polaroid Image, but it’s a work in progress and soon i’ll do another “Horizons” in Basilicata. (South of Italy).