BOY is a Swiss-German band we had the lucky chance to interview at Sziget Festival 2016.

From Mutual Friends to We Were HereValeska Steiner and Sonja Glass, the girl duo behind the boyish name, built a solid career through the years, starting from the German top 100 to conquer their space in Europe, Japan and the States.

And guess what? It’s all well deserved, and if you don’t understand it quit quickly listening to their indie/pop/folk tracks, you can open your eyes (and ears!) at one of their live shows: something pure, lovely, otherworldly because of the passion and honesty that runs straight to the audience soul. That said, we had an additional all positive confirmation of our thoughts when we met them for this teeny weeny interview. Let’s meet BOY!

Hello girls! It’s such a pleasure for us to meet you here! Do you know Reykjavik Boulevard? It’s a magazine from…

Sonja: Oh, Reykjavik! Iceland!

Yes! Have you ever been there?

Valeska: Sure, we loved it! We played at Iceland Airwaves!

Well this is awesome! I hope you will come back one day. Talking about wanderlust, how do you enjoy traveling with music? It’s pretty different than traveling when you are on a holiday…

Sonja: We go to many different countries but unfortunately we don’t have a lot of time to look at things or visit sights, but it’s always exciting to work with people and talk to people at clubs or radio stations, so we have this nice chance to get always in close touch with people more than you could ever do as a tourist.

Valeska: When you meet different audiences all the time, you can see their differences all the time when you change country. That’s really interesting.

Do you ever get the chance to know your fans not only through social networks but also in person?

Valeska: Sometimes, yes. We talk to them. This is not always possible of course, when we are touring in Germany for example it’s just that there are so many people that it would take us hours so… But we like it actually, and I think we have a very nice audience and I often think it would be great to be friends with them, and I think that’s something very nice.

That’s maybe the feeling they have when they listen to your music, they hope to be your friends…

Sonja: Yeah! Sometimes it’s the same for us!

Cool! And in all this, social networks help in keeping in touch with the fan base?

Valeska: Yes, but we don’t respond to them in there, we use Social Media as an information mean to share our news, we really like real conversation more than online chats, we are not into that like other bands, so when it’s possible we prefer to see people in person.

I know that you fanbase is consistently composed of young girls…

Sonja: But it changed actually! It’s guys with tattoos now! That makes us very happy!

Valeska: Ahaha, yes!

So far so good! How do you think you reach them with your music? What is the message you wish to communicate with your songs and lyrics?

Valeska: I don’t know if there is a particular message that the music stands for in general, but I think we tell stories between people, so we sing about things that people can relate to, maybe they can find themselves in similar situations, or it’s at least what I like to think about when I listen to music, like: “Oh, yeah, this was written for me, it tells my story” and that is nice, or at least that would be nice.

We could say it’s something like finding the appropriate soundtrack to your life…

Sonja: In the best case, yes!


As today we are at Sziget, the so called “Island of Freedom”, what do you think it’s the real meaning of freedom?

Sonja: Oh, that’s a big question, but I think for me freedom is to live my passion. I know that a lot of people have to work for money and do something which they don’t like and spend so much time on things the don’t want to do, and I think freedom is to have the chance to live of your passions. I think we are very lucky in that.

You always have the chance to sing in front of hundreds or thousands of people, but if you could have the chance to make one of your live shows just for one person, who would it be?

Sonja: Wow, that is a good question! Very good question: let’s see… The person I imagine now is Marina Abramovic, because I really liked her one-to-one performances. But on the other side I would be so nervous… But, yeah, that’s the first person I would think of now.

Valeska, would you choose the same?

Valeska: Oh, yes it’s a real good answer!

Sure, you are a band you will perform together!

Valeska: Ahah, right yes!

We are fans of your “Into the wild” video, how did you came out with this idea and why you decided to film it like that?

Sonja: It’s actually and idea that came from our percussion player who filmed our session…

Was it maybe because you are interested in the environment matters?

Sonja: Yes, we definitely are. And we thought it was a very special place, really close to Hamburg: like a jungle somehow. He just found it and we tought it would make sense with the lyrics as the song is talking about following a person in the complete unknown. For us “Into the wild” stands for that, and shooting the video in the nature was important also for the sound, because the trees would somehow send the noise back in a very peculiar way… It was a very special and beautiful moment.

We are very glad to know that you have such a close relation with the environment and that you loved so much to play “Into the wild” in close touch with the nature, so we want to give you a present. It’s a tree that you can plant online: it will be planted by a farmer in need and you will have the chance to watch it grow and remember that as a sign of friendship! 

Sonja: Oh, oh my god, this is so nice, thank you!

Valeska: Wow, so we have a tree now!!! Thank you so much!

Yes, now you will have a tree somewhere in the world thanks to the collaboration between Reykjavik Boulevard Magazine & Treedom! Enjoy your time at Sziget Festival and see you on stage!