Blær is a new and upcoming band in Iceland.

Three young talented musicians from Garðabær started the band in yearly 2013.

The name Blær came up while a young girl in Iceland was fighting for the right to carry this name. In Iceland Blær is a masculine noun and therefore only boys could be baptized Blær. This 15-year-old girl had been called by this name her entire life but legally she did not have any name and was just called Stúlka (meaning “Girl” in Icelandic) in the National Register. Blær means gentle breeze.

Can you tell us a little bit about your band?

We are three people from Garðabær, Iceland who like to play music, and share a similar view on how to approach it. We are 22-23 years old and our names and roles are: Ylfa Marín Halldórsdóttir – Vocals & Keyboards Ásgeir Örn Sigurpálsson – Piano & Guitar Ellert Ólafsson – Bass.  


When was the band established?

Ásgeir and Ylfa had been playing together on and off for six years, doing all kinds of projects. Ásgeir and Ellert had also been playing together since they were fourteen. Ásgeir and Ylfa had a project going on and wanted to add to it so they contacted Ellert. So the band Blær was officially established in January 2013. The idea behind it was participating in Músíktilraunir (battle of the bands).


Have you known each other for a long time? Where/how did you meet?

We all went to the same schools since we were 6 years old until we were about 20. So it‘s quite some time we have known each other. Ásgeir and Ellert have known each other since Ellert moved to Garðabær in 1996. Ásgeir and Ylfa met while rehearsing for a school play, Midsummer Night‘s Dream, in high school the year 2006, Ásgeir was playing the piano and Ylfa was singing.


Why did you name the band Blær?

The name comes from the girl who was fighting for her right to be named Blær. However, this was not the only idea for a name that we could agree on, we put some names together and drew one. Then it was decided, Blær was the name of our new band.


What kind of music do you play?

We do not know. It‘s kind of difficult for us to define it because we have such different influences. But in general we think this sounds kind of pop-ish.


What’s the dream?

Releasing an album soon and to be able to work in music in the future.


Do you want to go abroad to play?

Yes, we would like that. Traveling is always nice, playing in Britain would be splendid but location really doesn’t matter as long as there‘s a concert.


Have you played on many concerts or held your own?

We have been focusing on writing material and refining the band’s sound, so we have not played that many concerts yet. Things are coming together now, and we hope to start playing live actively soon.

Do you have a music idol?

All of us have different, but at the same time, similar taste in music so we all have different idols:

Ásgeir: Matthew Bellamy (Frontman of Muse)

Ylfa: The National

Ellert: Zakk Wylde

But the kind of music that combines us would be something like Lana Del Rey.

By: Hulda Vigdísardóttir