Milan and Paris Fall 2014 Fashion Weeks. Waiting for the Women’s fashion week to start in a few days from New York City (February 6th), we share with you the backstage point of view of the Italian photographer Sara Cimino.

She attended Milan and Paris Men’s Fashion Week happened this January and she kindly donated us, in exclusive, some of her snapshots. Introduced to the photography world throughout the high school with a disposable camera, she started photographing her travels and friends to keep always endure her beautiful memories and emotions. As soon as Sara arrived in Milan had the chance to partecipate at her first fashion show. Something that she’ve always saw as unique and unattainable, become real. After that one all the other fashion shows to attend became more and more so she decided to focus her photography on the fashion field, even because the framework created during the years was funny and stimulating.

Incite by her curious nature to know what happen « behind the scene » and her interest to observe people at work in the backstage, she represents the imperfect but wonderful work in progress that people can’t feel seeing the catwalk  finished images.

Corneliani-MFW-Alexandre Cunha

Corneliani MFW // Alexandre Cunha

Corneliani-MFW-Arthur Gosse

Corneliani MFW // Arthur Gosse

Corneliani-MFW-Bastiaan Van Gaalen

Corneliani MFW // Bastiaan Van Gaalen

Corneliani-MFW-Corentin Renault

Corneliani MFW // Corentin Renault

Corneliani-MFW-Matvey Lykov

Corneliani MFW // Matvey Lykov

Corneliani-MFW-Roberto Sipos

Corneliani MFW // Roberto Sipos

CostumeNational-MFW-Janis Ancens

CostumeNational MFW // Janis Ancens

CostumeNational-MFW-Johannes Schulze

CostumeNational MFW // Johannes Schulze

CostumeNational-MFW-Robert Laby

CostumeNational MFW // Robert Laby

John Lawrence Sullivan-PFW-Felix Riess

John Lawrence Sullivan PFW // Felix Riess

Margiela-PFW-Sam Maouchi

Margiela PFW // Sam Maouchi

Yamamoto-PFW-Michael Whittaker

Yamamoto PFW // Michael Whittaker

Text by: Elena Indiano