BEC AND BEN make PMS rock. The definition says it all.

They are hot stuff right now in Sydney town. This emerging band is killing it and they have just teamed up with director Lee Launay and released their first video clip of the single “This is why I love you”.

Here’s your visual fix for the day and trust me, by the end of it, you’ll be singing along (or even better making out with a random).


I’ve seen them live, and the energy they give out is incredible, now I’m really hoping their next major move will be overseas. With Bec at the drums and Ben on guitar, both singing, and their newest member Spike Thompson on bass, they keep the set up fairly simple and that’s the way we like it. Their live sets are so much more than just good music; when they launched their 2012 EP Butterknives to Razorblades it was almost a cabaret-like performance with a staged wedding and a provocative strip down to their lingerie for the after-ceremony. A genuinely original way of symbolizing their musical commitments.

The raw and edgy tracks cover all the usual topics: sex, love, lust, anger but their big difference is that you can really feel these songs come from their personal experience, not just some cookie cutter music factory. As Bec says,

The band also has a entrepreneurial side that will make us fulfilled artists for a lot longer.

They regularly collaborate with Chilean artist Domingo Morchio who makes crazy original merchandising with his recycled-paper creations.


I’ve had a chat with Bec and the first question that came out my mind was the obvious one that we all want to know:

Are you two together? You are basically having angry sex for the whole video.

The answer is NO people, she’s on the market.

But here’s their story: They met through an ad on Gumtree; Bec had written some songs and was looking for musicians and Ben was one of many to respond.
She actually didn’t choose him at first and they DID date very briefly but then wisely decided to put the romance aside and focus on their musical chemistry instead.
Basically, for the gossip lovers out there, the first six months of their career they were performing songs that Bec had written about their time together. She would be singing the lyrics, loosely aimed at Ben, while Ben happily played his music, perhaps oblivious to the whole situation. They do say the best songs come from darker places.

Fast forward two years and they’re now being played on the biggest Indie radio station in Oz, Triple J and they are lining up a tour with awesome collaborations. They will be supporting Courtney Barnett, DZ DEATHRAYS and Jungle Giants, to name a few.

Another thing I wanted to know was how one achieves fame and glory as an emerging independent band in Sydney. “Hard work, good tunes and lots of live gigs,” says Bec, “also having a good manager helps.” Recently Clancy Bennett of Centrifuge has taken them under his wing so this is definitely not the last we will hear of Bec and Ben.

The Launch party for this single will be on the 10th of May in Sydney. Catch them before they continue along the East Coast of Australia. Also, for the ones out there “blessed with the gift of illustration”, join the Merge-Merch Design Project  and you could be among the lucky ones to get your drawings printed on their tees for the new tour!

Text by: Celine Guiout