ANNA MOROSINI is a really strong woman and an incredible photographer based in Foligno, Italy.

Young and unbelievably energetic, she shows her strength through portraits and details.

I have never met such a sensitive female, but at the same time a really proud and brave human being. Her models talk through the lens right to her heart she’s not afraid to show under a unique and sincere light, speaking of which, I guess it’s something the artists like Anna have flowing in their veins; it’s a secret component of their blood.

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Tell us about your creative process. Why do you take the pictures? How do you decide who to photograph?

It’s something really personal and not so easy to explain for me. I am able to take pictures of almost everyone, but to take a portrait that really means something to me, I must have a crush. Like a child with a Christmas gift. I need to have strong and unexplainable feelings for my subjects. It’s not about sex, but about pure attraction; it’s both a physical and a psychological feeling. It’s the basis I can’t work without.

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How do you interact with your models? How do you decide how to represent them?

I try to be kind and really respectful. I try to let them know who I am, before having this arrogance to try to know them. It’s like we were wild animals. I try to let my subjects feel naturally comfortable and – slowly – to take something from them, possibly without harming anyone.

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And how do you feel about the details you shoot? How does it feel?

They are everything. I’m in love with minutes and – apparently – irrelevant things. Like a minimal movement. Or freckles, or scars. Details make values.

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Why do you take self-portraits? Explain their meaning to you.

Sometimes it’s just because I’m the only one in the room when I feel inspired. But most of all it’s a simple way to try to know who I am, what my body means to me, and how much it takes from my inner world.

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Is there something or someone you would never take a picture of?

Never say never. But… Three seconds ago I would have probably said “Yes”. Actually, thinking better, I believe that photographing something can change it and someone can really get hurt. And I’m too curious to say that “Yes”.

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I know you shoot on film as well, even better, most of the time you are involved in analogue projects. Tell us something special about it!

I remember the first time I developed and printed a roll in the darkroom with my own hands. It was a 6×6 black and white film, with some portraits of my photography master classmates, I took them in my room in Modena, after a lesson. It was SO intense: seeing their faces and bodies re-birthing in my hands and appearing from nowhere; like a super-material fairytale.

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Text by: Nina Sever // All pics are Anna Morosini © All rights reserved

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