ANNA DART is a painter from Barcelona, Spain.

She likes to draw provocative black watercolor realistic figures, and she gave us the chance to introduce you to something brand new. As she likes to say:

No, I am not a human, I have got watercolor in my veins…

I was trouble. by Anna Dart

I was trouble. By Anna Dart

Her new paintings are inspired by a series of photographs, filtered by her artistic eyes into the following stunning interpretations, enjoy this emerging yet inspiring talent:

I will dance tonight. by Anna Dart

I will dance tonight. By Anna Dart

if it kills me. by Anna dart.

If it kills me. by Anna Dart

Rock me. by anna dart

Rock me. By Anna Aart

silver magic ships you carried. by Anna Dart. watercolour.

Silver magic ships you carried. By Anna Dart

sweet dreams are made of this

Sweet dreams are made of this. By Anna Dart

Wine tasting. by anna dart

Wine tasting. By Anna Dart