ANDRES ZULUAGA is a photographer from Bogotà, Colombia.

YRSLF is his latest fashion editorial in exclusive for Reykjavik Boulevard, Iceland.

It’s awesome to give the chance to brilliant artists from all around the world to cross borders and reach new audiences: this time he worked with Colombian rising star model Veronica Alvarez @Informa Models and stylist Mariana Puerta @Little Ramonas


You now have the privilege to watch the first-time-on-screen teaser video with music by No Ceremony (“Hurt Love”) to taste a bit of backstage from this unique fashion editorial shooting.

And now, here’s a preview of the exclusive shooting featured in Reykjavik Boulevard Magazine, SPRING 2014:

Andres Zuluaga and Veronica Alvarez for Reykjavik Boulevard Magazine Spring 2014

We asked Andres a few questions about his passion for photography, some news about the situation in Colombia in this field, especially related to fashion and more in this little talk:

About “YRSLF”

“YRSLF” is a fashion editorial shoot in an abandoned building, where the emptiness of the location is filled by the beauty of Veronica; her natural elegance and former ballet training brings a nostalgic yet sophisticated atmosphere to the vibe of the pictures. Almost the entire shoot was done with natural light, and the fashion styling was chosen to blend smoothly with the location.

The concept behind the fashion video YRSLF, was to bring movement to the shoot,  as said before, to fill with female beauty the emptiness of the building that`s fading through the days, a place that is about to disappear. 

About Andres Zuluaga Photography

I`m a photographer and visual artists born and based in Bogota-Colombia. When I shoot fashion photography, I try to keep things to be as real and raw as possible, instead of creating characters. Sometimes it begins finding a location, the location creates the spark of a story, and then I look for a model that fits the idea, or sometimes I discuss my ideas with the model and we co-create a fashion story based on our mutual taste and likes. My productions goes from a team of two (me and a model) or up to 12 or more crew. It all depends…  At the end when I’m shooting is all about the connection I`m having with the model, it`s all about complicity. 

For this particular editorial shoot, done exclusively for Reykjavik Boulevard, I teamed up with fashion stylist Mariana Puertas, the co-founder of “Little Ramonas”: three creative minds located between New York, Bogotá, Los Angeles and Washington DC. Their services include vintage retail, wardrobe styling and consulting. Their style is unique, rock, alternative and elegant, I wanted to work with Little Ramonas for a time now and this was the perfect editorial to do so.

Something about Little Ramonas in their own words: <<We believe in the innovative human psyche of creating new trends and fashions with a conscious eco-friendly mind. We do this by recycling vintage relics, currently designing a women’s ready to wear collection made in Colombia. Recycling the CHIC way.”>

About Veronica Alvarez 

The star of the shoot is Colombian model Veronica Alvarez, a sweet and fun woman to be around, I meet Veronica a few months back, and we agree that we just had to work together! So we tried to arrange a shooting but the timing was never right; well we finally made it and shoot this fashion story. 

As soon as Veronica gets in the model mood, she owns it! Her grace, beauty and elegance makes her one of the best models I have worked with, almost to the point that she knew exactly what I was going to ask her with a few indications. She has former ballet training, so her postures and attitudes towards the camera are always beautiful and natural. Veronica is becoming one of the model revelations here in Colombia, she’s doing from fashion shoots to videos and runways, she’s currently represented by Informa Models one of the top model agencies in the country.

About Colombia Fashion and Photography Industry

In fashion there are great new comers in the industry that are making waves, for a long time the fashion offer was in the hands of a few, and in my opinion boring and out of date. But nowadays the local industry is speaking with a voice of their own, where style and young fashion aesthetics are more global and less local, to name some of the new Colombian fashion designers I`ll have to list: Kika Vargas, JUAN, A New Cross, Dir, Bastardo… The list goes on but these are my favorite at the moment.

Regarding fashion photography I have to say it`s a tough business, there are not so many fashion publications that are cool to show your work in, and the ones that are well know, are super closed in terms of inviting new talents to their pages…  

I feel that a lot of young photographers play it safe to fill the demand, and the true original work is left behind just to be part of an editorial circle. And other current photographers that are just doing outstanding work! Fashion editors play it even safer in regards of working with new people with fresh style. However having said that, there is a new breed of fashion image makers, who has bold statements, some of them are really cool, and some of them are very arty for my taste. The good thing about it is that you can identify certain styles, and that is good, if someone already has a style they can be label to, it`s a positive thing.

At the end I feel that the Internet bring trends and styles closer, yes, it`s important to feel and respect your local up brings, but style is something that you build based on what you know, and what you know is art, books, music, relationships, TV shows, movies and Internet. 

More pics from the “YRSLF” Fashion Editorial:

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