DADAGRAPHY is a Dada art project by experimental photographer Andres Martinez Sandoval from Santiago, Chile.

Dadagraphy work was influenced by the Dada art movement, characterized by experimentation and change cherishing the dream of abstracting time and space. Dadagraphy evokes dreamlike environments through multiple exposures and long exposures that leaves in hands of the contingency the final result, giving prominence to the aesthetic experience and criticizing how the traditional photography is taught today.

De facto, it’s not an historic protest, but the challenge to accumulate of all the light that can provide the contingent circumstances, resulting in the the subsequent explosion of colors and capture of an infinite climax.

dadagraphy - dada art and photography

Dadagraphy aims to capture the inexistent moment.

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What are your feeling when watching those images? Do you think “traditional school” in photography is just boring and old?