Alternative trip to Zagreb, Croatia!

On 1st of July 2013 Croatia entered EU meaning Zagreb is the 28th capital in Europe.

Have you been there? Maybe not! Ok, if you go there you can enjoy a visit to the cathedral and the old town, go to some great museums and parks, but it won’t be a full discovery of the town if you don’t get to know its alternative side, which gives to the city much more spices. First of all, you can reach Zagreb (Croatia) from almost anywhere. In this case, you have no excuses!


So let’s spend one day where you’ll be more a local than a tourist.

Visit Lauba 

Zagreb has plenty of great museums and you’ll probably have the time to visit some of them but don’t miss to go to Lauba. Lauba is a private art gallery hosted in what was an old stable. Today you won’t see any horse but some great Croatian artists on exhibits. A really cool café and extra long hours, until ten o’clock, make the place easy to visit it.


Go to Greta

In Zagreb, Monday is certainly a day without much cultural visits as there is no museum open this day. But wait until 8 in the evening and pop into the small Greta gallery for a special launch of their new exhibition. This old shop reconverted in gallery got the crazy idea to set up a new exhibition every week and so far it works well. You’ll meet all the elite from the town and enjoy a special moment with the artists.

Meet people at Medika

You like original concept and quirky place? Go to the Westin 5 stars hotel from there, go to the parking area and start to follow the drawings against the wall. You’re almost there! Zagreb has this funny connexion that, behind one of the most expensive hotel in town, is found a squat (in the spirit of Tacheles in Berlin for the one who used to know it). This old medical factory is now a place that hosts cultural events. Depending on when you go, there will be dance lessons, capoeira, concert with DJ or simply young people hanging around and drinking together without need of chairs or tables!


Hunt graffiti with MUU

If you like street art and that you found there were not enough in Medika, then go to Branimirova Street and walk along the 450 meters of wall to discover over 100 drawings and paintings by different artists.


Still not tired of urban art? Get to the new town to discover 2 others projects in Dugave and Škver. It’s not easy to find them you’ll have to ask or contact the MUU, the organization behind all this projects.


Spend the evening at Kolaž

This alternative and gay friendly bar is one of the best addresses in town to spend an evening. There is no big sign and you’ll have to go to the basement to enter this bright shinny address.


Colored in red tones with a sober glittery design, it’s a place to listen to good music while drinking some beer or rakija. The crowd is quite bohemian and you’ll easily be able to make new friends before the end of the night.


Grab a sandwich at Pingvin

This small kiosk downtown is a good spot to get good and affordable food any time during the day or the night. It’s the only place open 24/7 and after a few drinks the night owls are quite happy to discover this quick stop always open for them. They serve yummy hot and cold sandwiches and you can choose yourself your toppings.

Text and pics Emmanuelle Bluman