Alessio Albi is a photographer coming from Perugia, Italy. 

A water-loving artist talking about his reasons of creating amazing pictures in impressive places he discovers roaming around, sometimes without founding what he was looking for, sometimes noticing something new that has always been in front of him… But maybe it was not the right time to uncover a secret place. This is how it looks like to me, like secret places from someone else’s dreams. In fact Alessio is inspired during the night time as well.

It’s an inner world that develops through the music and “long car trips” and what is amazing about this that not a model is there by case, but every woman he takes the pictures of inspires a new story and this is what, in my opinion, makes his works unique and unrepeatable. It is rarer, day by day, that someone writes a story around a face, usually it’s quite the opposite.


So enjoy our chat about discovering, evolving and creating stories. Find the complete Portfolio in our GALLERY!


Where do you realize most of your projects, Alessio? In Perugia or somewhere else? Do you travel a lot to find the perfect place or a person for your creations?

The most of my works are realized in Perugia and nearby places. I’m in love with natural locations and Umbria is offering some of the best Italian environments for sure. I also love to travel and shoot in Tuscany (especially because the sea, my greatest love and one of the biggest lacks in my life here in Umbria). You can also find other locations like Canary Islands (where I still have a huge project to realize later this year) that I love so much for the lunar landscapes, and something in London, Rome and Paris.

I do travel a lot to find places and faces, but I have to thank a lot of amazing people that come to my place to shoot as well.

And how do you scout the locations? You roam around until you find something suitable for your ideas? Or you bump into something great and then you decide to make a picture?

Both. Sometimes I roam with an idea without any result for days, and then casually I land on a place that has always been under my nose without noticing it. I have to say that the most amazing places I shoot in are the ones I used to visit with my parents when I was a kid. Without them I would never have known (and loved) some places.

I noticed an interesting difference between some of your works. You sometimes have really elaborated scenery, especially outdoors, and then some of your models are in really minimal timeless and spaceless places. Why that? How do you determinate how much to show in the photo? Does it depend on the sensation you want to transmit?

Thank you for noticing. That maybe depends on my mood, which is very variable. I also tried to separate this two moods and create different lines of work (for example, I’ve titled the indoor one “Inner spaces”, that refers to a state of mind). Anyway, someone lately is making me notice that there are common points between this two photographic “phases” and maybe they are all talking about the same thing.

What is your relationship with the water? You have a lot of pictures representing water!

I love water so much. It is a question both aesthetic and personal. I’ve grown up swimming everywhere, sea, lakes, rivers, pools. I feel very comfortable and calm underwater. The aesthetic fact that I love is related with my morbid love for colors; water can get amazing colors and I can play a lot with them, in both pre and post-production.

And do you look for the perfect character for your stories, or is a face to inspire you?

Generally is the face that inspires me. Lately I’ve found the perfect faces for many stories that I had in mind for years, for example one inspired to my favorite book series, “The Dark Tower”; my friend and model Alessandra Barbieri is exactly as I have imagined a key character of these books. 

And how the ideas flow into your mind? During the night? Daytime? Do you dream about the images?

During the night, during the (very long) car trips that I do going at work, but mostly while listening to music, my first source of inspiration. I thought so many photographs only listening to Tool, my favourite rock band.

I’m not sure, but it might be that I perceive a little change in your works through the time. Do you think you had a kind of evolution in your art? Did your images change somehow? Did you change as an artist?

Oh yes, you’re right. I have changed so much through the time (not very long time, to be honest, about 3-4 years ago is when I got into photography). You cannot see all of the big changes in my style, because the first part is not on the Internet, but there is a change in my Web-visible images also. Now I’m more orientated to a particular stylistic direction. This is of course due to my artistic growth and the influences of amazing artists that I had the honor to meet in this last year.

And of course, I’ve changed as a person. Not only in a positive way, but this is what I am now and somehow I like it.

What are you trying to achieve? Is there a concept you’re going through, or it’s just an artifice end in itself?

I have some projects on my mind, some have already started and some will start in the near future, but the reason that drives me to photograph – from the beginning and I still hope it to continue – is that it makes me feel good.

And where are you going? How do you see your frames in several years?

I really don’t know. The only thing that I know is that now I am a 28 years old nutritionist with a big passion for photography and art. Maybe in the future it will become some sort of work, maybe I will stop photographing. The only thing I know is that it will continue until it makes me feel this way.


Find the complete Portfolio in our GALLERY!

Text by: Nina Sever // All pics © Alessio Albi