AKUTE: something worth listening from Belarus.

If you have a certain affinity for nocturnal melancholy, nervously sounding dance music or anything mysterious and cosmical, make sure you check the following group out.

Music bands from Belarus are not particularly famous abroad. However, it does not mean that no group from this country is worth listening to. Quite on the contrary. Take Akute, for example – our very own version of Placebo or Muse. Founded in 2008 by three friends from Mogilev, Akute is one of the most remarkable phenomena on the Belarusian music stage of the recent years.

Although Akute was created by musicians who used to play in a punk-rock group, they have decided to take a different musical direction: the musicians themselves define Akute’s style as “disco decadence”. The ingredients of this unique blend are as follows: mix post-punk, rock and electronic music, add lyrics in the Belarusian language, spice the combination with some groovy cosmic flair, and voilà! – you’ll probably end up listening to Akute.

Most of the songs have a somewhat frosty sonority that reminds of stars, distant planets and galaxies – or actually of all the things that are astonishingly beautiful, yet too complex and too enigmatic to grasp.

It is a perfect soundtrack for endless roads during the summer nights, when you are recklessly and desperately driving at high speed, with the car windows down and the wind blowing right in your face. It is also music of a cold light of a lonesome lantern over the deserted street, of nightly contemplations and solitude.

As for the group’s accomplishments so far, Akute have already released two albums and two EPs, collected a few awards at several festivals and even performed as a warm-up band for Placebo in Minsk last year.

We hope that it is only the beginning of a great cosmic journey for these talented guys, because they do seem to have the potential to take Belarusian music to the next level.

Text by Darya Kulinka