Luumu is a project from Scandinavia.

Luumu is about a journey, it’s about music and young people, and it’s also the Finnish word for “plum”.

Adina Friis is the young pianist, singer and songwriter behind the whole project. She’s now living in Switzerland where she’s studying piano/singing/composing at the Jazz school in Lucerne.

Luumu_Cover The eye of the clown behind the spyglass

Although she’s young, this project represent her maturity and deep feelings.She’s accompanied in the project’s fulfillment by Andi Bissig’s melodious playing on the soprano saxophone and clarinet, as well as Amin Mokdad on the flute, Andy Schelker on drums, Simon Iten on double-bass and Matthias Abächerli on electric bass.The debut album is called “The Eye of the Clown behind the Spyglass”.

The songs are written by Adina through the last couple of years, quite a few of them while traveling through Scandinavia and Lapland (and that’s the reason why the project’s name is Finnish).

Every single song is a piece of art on its own and very different one from another, creating its own mood. The leading sounds are influenced by Nordic folk music and Scandinavian jazz and of course her Danish origin might be a reason for that. The surprising thing it’s that you can also recognize and find influences from African and oriental folk music as well.

Lyrics are kind of small poems, that explore mystic fields as well as sarcastic circumstances. Every word is hemmed by piano notes and the tender, frail voice of Adina. The other instruments lend musicality and let us soak in the imaginary trip to the Nordic lands.

There’s of course an inevitable melancholic hint, running along the cliffs and the shores of the sounds and of our fragile integrity.

The variety of the project, mixed with Adina’s mildly powerful voice, provides to “The Eye of the Clown behind the Spyglass” an unique theme, from North to South, trying to combine origins with future times.

Text by Munteanu Andra