The City of Melbourne, Australia: I bet you don’t know how cool it is! by Anthea Batsakis

Melbourne is difficult to describe. It’s not a city that is easily forgotten, yet there is nothing immediately remarkable about its appearance when you first step into its gridded streets. There is no opera house, no warm surf beaches, and no harbour bridge. Rather, Melbourne’s gems are hidden in narrow laneways and underground corners; and while indescribable, it is also most definitely incomparable. Take my hands and come with me, we’ll find the unusual Melbourne and some useful travel tips here! Known to those interstate dwellers as ‘the cultured capital of Australia’, Melbourne has literally the best coffee in the world, fashion fanatics, and almost everyone seems to be an artist. Cafes and bars (and sometimes the two meshed into one) crowd many laneways, where the smell of freshly brewed coffee escapes to the main streets. The bars in Melbourne are almost as varied as the people; cocktail bars compete with Jägermeister bars, and retro bars compete with modern bars. Street art surrounds these hotspots, with laneways often dedicated to this only. And what to say about the great Concept Stores? You could spend years exploring the city and still discover new things hidden around the corner – whether its coffee, wine, music, or art.

Melbourne is the world’s most livable and friendly city. There is always someone to talk to, something to do, and something to eat. We will take you by the hand in a creative unusual itinerary, showing you the most hidden yet interesting places, this is just the beginning of our virtual Melbourne tour!

Melbourne Australia

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