Meet Robin! Just another friendly face in Reykjavik.

Iceland is becoming home to more and more foreigners every year.

The tiny island nation’s popularity and population is ever growing with expatriates around the world settling on this beautiful, isolated turf.


We had the pleasure of meeting one of these newcomers, though he is not the usual type of expat you expect to meet. Why, he is not even a human! He is a cat and his name is Robin. Robin sounds pretty much like the average cat; he enjoys nature, he loves to sleep and he can often be seen glaring after the many birds that flutter about Reykjavik. In fact, he is quite the traveler unlike the average cat. Robin was born in Australia; literally on the other side of the world and a whopping 15.212 kilometers from Iceland. But it doesn’t end there, a year or so ago Robin was enjoying the quiet life in a tiny town in Northern Italy. So, what, you may ask, brings this furry little fellow to the cool, confines of Iceland? Well, let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

Robin was born in 2005 in the warmth and tropics of Queensland, Australia. One of four in a litter, Robin and his brother (Batman, of course) were taken into the love and care of an Icelandic family. He enjoyed the first 5 years of his life in these conditions; the stark Australian sun, the active wildlife and dry, but beautiful land. Then at the end of 2010, Robin and his family relocated to Italy. Due to the many restrictions of pets moving overseas, Robin and his brother flew to Sydney, where they spent a couple of nights, before heading over to Malaysia and then eventually the Lombardy region of Italy. Usually not a fan of driving, these long hours of flights and handling were a whole new level of torment for Robin. The two brothers arrived malnourished and frightened out of their wits. Time, however, heeled their wounds and they shortly grew accustomed to the new land, where they experienced for the first time the harsh cold of European winters and of course, snow. Robin quite enjoyed it. His thick and furry coat allowed him to frolic about with little care. Wildlife, however, was scarce so there was little to do but laze about and play with his brother.

As the year passed by, the time to move again was nigh… This time to Iceland. Yet due to a medical condition, Batman was forced to stay behind. He now lives happily with an Italian fellow in Northern Italy. Robin, however, went forth and made a stop over at Copenhagen (where he was temporarily lost), then onwards to Reykjavík, Iceland. From there he carried on to Hrísey, where he stayed in quarantine for four weeks, after which he was reunited at last with his family in Reykjavík. Since then (October last year) Robin has attuned to life without his brother, countless insects and the humid sun. He now spends his days eating, sleeping and protecting his territory from the Icelandic cats in the area. However, he seems as happy as ever playing at last the role of the Alpha male in this little harbour town. People can often be seen stopping to gawk at his large stature and unique lion like appearance. This feline frequent flier has made quite the journey across the world and has now contented himself to the mellow and pleasant life in Iceland, as so many people have done before him.

Text by Hekla Egils