Travel: can this thing change our lives?

You can go on holiday, or start a working trip. But traveling is something very different.

Here we put 3 videos that went viral, famous videos that we are sure will give you a new input. Will you be inspired? Will you put more “life” into your “years”? Let us know!

Reykjavik Boulevard

Where the hell is Matt?

Matt was an average guy, working in a video games company. He then decided to spend some time in Australia where a lot of people encouraged him to travel the world. He decided to go. Traveling, he discovered his life was missing something, he started shooting videos with a funny dance almost everywhere he went. After a while, despite dancing like a fool in front of different monuments worldwide was kinda interesting he found out that dancing with people was even more interesting: it was magical. He did it for a while, got a sponsor (a chewing gum company) and after a while he became a YouTube celebrity. VISA found out his viral video and decided to give him so much money that he turned this little project into his life business. He shoot three videos, traveled all the Continents and finally had a son and settled in the States. Becoming a different person, helping people, having fun.

The longest way 1.0

Christoph Rehage walked. Like a modern Forrest Gump he decided to walk the whole China Country in 2008: the original plan was to walk from Beijing to Berlin, but after a year and 4500 Km walk he decided he had a project. He started a travel blog but most of all he took a selfie (before selfies were mainstream!) to document his hair & beard growth. With a brilliant editing he put all the pics together into a wonderful time-lapse video and here’s the result. He definitely changed on his path, isn’t it the main goal we should all look for when traveling?

Make it count

Casey Neistat is a celebrity and he did it all with a compact camera. Shooting little videos about almost everything was happening into his life, he was commissioned by NIKE to shoot a promo video about a new product called Nike+ Fuelband. He decided to use the whole budget to start a trip around the world with his friend Max. They ran out of money in 10 days, but these were enough to complete a round-the-world trip touching beautiful cities and finding wicked scenario in different continents. The really “made it count” and the video went viral in a second. After that, Casey shoot other commercials (like Mercedes etc.) but the new epic adventure was set when he received a proposal by Warner Bros: they asked him to shoot the promo video for “The secret life of Walter Mitty” (with Ben Stiller, a nice movie partially shot in Iceland) where he should’ve shared with the viewers his idea of “making something extraordinary with his life”. He used the whole budget to bring aids to the Philippines after a storm hit the Country: inspiring, isn’t it?

Bonus Video!

3 guys, 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38 thousand miles, an exploding volcano, 2 cameras and almost a terabyte of footage… All to turn 3 ambitious linear concepts based on movement, learning and food into 3 beautiful and hopefully compelling short films = a trip of a lifetime. “Move, eat, learn” are films commissioned by STA Travel Australia and realized by Rick Mereki (Director, producer, additional camera and editing), Tim White (DOP, producer, primary editing, sound) and Andrew Lees (Actor, mover, groover)! Mesmerizing, innit?